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Re-envisioning Whiteman Airport: A Community-driven Process



Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Whiteman Airport has been serving the community for more than 70 years. The airport is home to more than 600 based aircraft—the most in the Los Angeles County system—and facilitated more than 116,000 takeoffs and landings in 2018. Businesses located at Whiteman Airport include a number of aircraft maintenance, flight training, and other aviation-oriented operations. The airport has experienced significant growth as an economic presence over the past several years. 

The County engaged in a community informed re-envisioning process for the airport. The process included environmental studies and community outreach to identify objectives that will reduce environmental impacts, realize economic benefits, and improve community relations. A Community Advisory Committee was formed to facilitate community engagement and met between June 2021 and February 2023. Read more about the Community Advisory Committee.

Last Meeting & Report

Re-envisioning Whiteman Airport Report

Fall 2023

Read the final report by Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to the County Board of Supervisors documenting the Re-envisioning Whiteman Airport Community Advisory Committee’s meetings and actions.


(File may take a couple of minutes to load.)

Meeting 17 (Virtual Meeting)

Final Community Advisory Committee Meeting

February 23, 2023

A continuation and conclusion of the January 26 CAC meeting took place virtually on February 23.

***Links to the final meeting recording, and links to all prior meetings, can be found by clicking here***

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