Airport 2021 Noise Contours and Existing Land uses
Approximately 336 housing units are estimated to be incompatible with 2021 aircraft operations

What Happens Next?

•Consider how to proceed for Airport and the adjacent communities

•Noise mitigation?
(Part 150 for funding)

•Acoustical windows/doors

•Noise barrier(s)

•Airport curfew?

•Voluntary (no FAA oversight)

•Mandatory (Part 161 after Part 150)

Possible Process:
Next Steps & Timeline

Preliminary noise screening (complete)

Based on CAC recommendation, the Board proceeds with the following:

Airport Noise Compatibility Planning study via Part 150

Implementation of noise compatibility measures approved by the FAA

Notice and Approval for Noise and Access Restriction (nighttime curfew) via Part 161

Possible Process:
Part 150 Timeline/Cost

Part 150 – approximately 2 years at a cost of $500k to $1.5 million

Noise Exposure Map

noise and land use compatibility assessment

6 to 12 months

Noise Compatibility Program

determine recommended measures to solve problem

12 to 18 months

FAA Record of Approval

6 months

Possible Process:
Mitigation Timeline/Cost

Implementation of Residential Sound Insulation Program

Install acoustical windows and doors to the exterior of 336 homes

5 to 8 years after approval from the FAA via Part 150

$20 to $30 million funded by airport and federal grants

Possible Process:
Restrictions, if needed

Part 161 – 2 to 5+ years at a cost of $3 to $5 million (possibly more)

Process to provide notice and obtain FAA approval for noise and access restrictions follows the Part 150 process if such a measure is recommended and approved by the FAA during the Part 150 process


Note: The FAA will likely not approve a mandatory restriction (curfew) under current regulations/legislation

Whiteman Airport
Noise Assessment

September 2022

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